The licensed Speech Language Pathologist will conduct an evaluation and treatment for clients with a variety of needs including:

What Our Clients Are Saying

When my daughter was three years old and could barely speak five intelligible words, we had her evaluated by specialists. We were told my daughter might never be able to speak in full coherent sentences and she was believed to be apraxic. As a result of her inability to communicate she was fearful of new situations and couldn’t bare to be with out me, her sole interpreter. My sweet daughter was sad, lonely and frustrated. She would cry because I couldn’t understand what she wanted, and I would cry because she was counting on me to help her and I didn’t know how. 
We are so glad we found Miss Jenn!! Miss Jenn was able to reach my daughter when no one else could, she was creative and patient in connecting with her and breaking the communication barrier. As my daughters ability to speak increased, so did her confidence and independence. Four years later and my daughter is the little chatter box. People are always surprised to learn that she used to struggle with her speech. We are so grateful for Miss Jenn!

Sheryl B.